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I was planning to get stamping in November with New Petition New Employer After Completing DS, I was in process of booking my appointment and during the process I have been prompted with below set of questions and I answered accordingly. Does it mean I am eligible for IWP even if there is change in employment. Do you have a previous H-1B visa temporary occupation, temporary worker or trainee? Were you denied any kind of U. Is your previous H-1B visa temporary occupation, temporary worker or trainee still valid?

Did your previous H-1B visa temporary occupation, temporary worker or trainee expire within the last 12 months? Was your most recent H-1B visa temporary occupation, temporary worker or trainee issued in India after January 1, ?

us visa interview after dropbox

Please do not schedule an appointment at the Visa Application Center or U. Step 1. Print one copy of the Drop Box Confirmation Letter.

Step 2. Drop off your listed documents at one of our 11 Document Drop-Off locations. Current passport and any old passports with a U. One photograph per U. Photocopy of form I Note: Using the Interview Waiver Program does not guarantee visa issuance. The U. These days even for change of employer, they are allowing dropbox facility. CatapultThanks for your response. Do u know the processing time for DropBox? Hi can u tell me what happened in your case even m in same situation I have changed employer still got drop box confirmation did u go ahead with drop box and got the stamping?

Please update. What was the outcome, are you able to get the stamping. I am in the simillar situation as yours. Can you give input on your stamping status?

Interview Waiver Program - Frequently Asked Questions

I went thru the drop box option. It was very simple n fast I droped passport n copy of new approval notice on thruday next thursday I had d passort with new stamp. I think chnge of employer rule is now relaxed. So dnt wory n go ahead with drp box u shd be gud.

How to schedule US visa appointment- A step-by-step guide

Best of luck? Yes I got my stamping done in chennai. Dropbox option is hassel free and employer change case is valid for Dropbox.Posted by wanderlass Jun 15, visa challenge. US Tourist Visa is one of the most desired visa of Filipinos, maybe the world. It also let me instantly confirm an invitation to Visit Guam in Because I currently hold a 10 year visa and other criteriaI am eligible to renew it via dropbox.

The confirmation number generated after filling up the form is needed to set up appointment. You must enter this reference number when making the online payment. This number will also be serve as your receipt number in booking the appointment. There is a 24H waiting time when your payment is posted. Paying at BPI branches is definitely simpler but note that not all branches accept payment. If 2 or more people are applying visas together, you need to generate 2; one for each applicant.

DO NOT print one and photocopy. It means that if you did not pay within 5 days, you need to generate a new one. The Expiration date is reflected on the paper. BPI is one of the lousiest bank in the Philippines where in you need to live long to get served. After making the payment, guard it with your life. If you lose the payment receipt, you may have to pay again. Create a profile on this Apply US Visa site. After filling up the DS Form step1 and making payment step2you will create a profile where in you will correlate the DS form with the payment via the numbers.

Once done, you can download dropbox confirmation letter. Lilliane is the lass who wanders. She travels the world on a quest to live a life not ordinary. An avid traveler, photographer, and scuba diver, she once traveled continuously for 14 months around the world, took over 20, photos, and spent too much money on a liveaboard dive trip in the Galapagos.

Hi, thank you for the informative article. Is it a requirement on the online renewal to upload proof of income like bank statements, Cert of Employment etc? Or is there a portion to upload such documents? Thank you. I cannot seem to find the option for drop box option when I set up my profile. How do I get drop box confirmation letter.

6 H1B Visa Dropbox (Interview Waiver Program) Experiences – India (2018, 2017)

Hi mam, I am trying to renew my visa and already paid for the MRV. Could this be a potential problem? It was an honest mistake. What should i do? Thanks for this. So no need to send in the bank certificate and certificate of employment and other docs? This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed. Contents hide. Previous List of Places to Visit in Melbourne.After completing your DSthe next step in your visa application is to schedule US visa appointment.

This requires paying the visa fee and selecting the location and date for your visa interview. Some countries require an additional appointment for biometrics at a Visa Application Center. The US visa appointment available dates vary from country to country and location to location. You can check the current wait times for visa appointments at the Bureau of Consular Affairs website. You can schedule US visa appointment anywhere in the world.

US Visa Dropbox Eligibility Checker India 2020

If you are traveling and would need to schedule your US visa interview appointment in a third country, you can very well do so. It is not mandatory to schedule your appointment in the same location as in your DS You are expected to schedule your appointment at the same location. But if you have to attend your visa interview at a different location, you are still allowed to do so. The procedure to schedule US visa appointment is slightly different in Asia compared to the rest of the world.

Therefore, this guide is divided into 2 parts. Part 1 walks you through the procedure to schedule US visa appointment in Asia and Part 2 in the rest of the world. I have listed out all sections and questions in this guide. For each question, there is a comment explaining what exactly needs to be entered.

Before you jump into creating your profile and filling your appointment application, you must first read through the instructions thoroughly. Below are the steps to get to the instructions.

Make a note of your username your email and password. You will need these credentials to save and come back to your application later. On this screen, you will see different payment options. Click on each option to see the instructions on how to make the visa fee payment. At this point, the visa application is already saved. Familiarize yourself with the payment options and pick the payment method that works best for you.

You will be able to schedule your appointment on the next business day after the visa fee payment is made. NOTE If more details such as bank name, bank address, etc are required to make an electronic fund transfer, those details will also be displayed along with the unique account number. NOTE You must transfer the correct amount. Incorrect amounts can lead to delays.

Follow the below steps to pay your visa fee by a local payment option such as mobile payment, wallet, etc. These options differ from country to country.Forgot your password? Last month I applied for H1B extension visa stamp for myself, wife and daughter using the dropbox facility at visa center, Nehru place New Delhi.

The status changed to "passport ready for pickup" in a couple of days and I was surprised to see that the visas were not stamped. Also, instructed me to not make a new appointment and instead come any day before 10 AM. I have a few questions for the learned members of this forum. This is my third stamping and have done 3 extensions in the past. What is the usual cause for such calls? I was issued a g to be called for interview or is the g suggestive of any other problem?

In other words, is g usually used to call for interview or they could have called me for an interview without actually invoking g?

us visa interview after dropbox

Are there any other originals that I should also bring along to the interview. If you know everything is aboveboard, your best bet is not to anticipate questions but to answer any as best as you can including "I have no idea". Thanks for your reply. Any idea about my other questions? Is it the new norm to be called for an interview after dropbox and is g always invoked in such cases?

Your best bet is to attend the interview as advised by the embassy, and keep related paperwork on hand. An interview is free-flowing, and best to answer questions as they arise; usually not an issue if everything is above board. Update: The interview went well with the usual line of questioning about the job and the company. Visa was approved for all of us.

Just letting anyone in the same situation know that drop interview is not different than the usual interview. No documents were asked. The VO approved the visas without any further requirements.

However, only my daughter's passport has been dispatched as of today. Mine and wife's passport have not arrived and show administrative processing on the CEC website.

My interview was on the 28th and today is the 3rd day. I also faced similar situation after dropbox got g for interview and after interview VO said it's approved but their website is still showing as administrator processing. I would like to travel to India in July first part and will have to go for stamping if my travel plans materialize. My existing H-1B visa expires on August 19th while the H-1B petition for extension has already been approved. However, I am wondering if they do call for an interview, in how many days is an interview date typically scheduled?We have combined some of the visa dropbox experiences from our readers.

As you scroll down you find experiences. Dropbox Process Changed in with mandatory Appointment. Check below articles. This was my first time using drop box, so far I have opted the interview option since I seldom travelled to India. This time I qualified for the drop box option. I recently changed petitioner and my previous visa was valid up until September 30th of with the old petitioner. Same visa class I had my petitioner changed and since my visa had not expired I did not need a previous A copy from my old petitioner.

Dropbox Confirmation Letter 2. DS Confirmation Letter 3. Previous and New Passport Originals 4. Photocopy of your IA 5. I dropped the documents on September 25th at 9. Once my number was called they checked all documents and accepted it.

I did not have a copy of my previous IA I had changed my petitioner but my visa was still valid and I told them unless the visa was expired, they did not need one They agreed.

The guy stamped my drop box confirmation form with date received confirmation. Says received the documents. I picked my passport on the same day on September 29th by 3. Timings are PM. First time I used this dropbox option. No appointment needed. Just walk in. Photocopy of your I 5. I dropped the documents on Jan 23rd, There are two lines at the US embassy.If you want to read in Burmese, click here. Q: If my appointment is on November 5, should I still submit documents the week before?

A: No. Everyone who has a visa appointment November 5 and later should not submit any documents via the dropbox. You only need to bring your required documents with you to your scheduled interview. Q: Do I still need to make a visa appointment or can I just show up to apply with my documents?

A: Yes, you still need to make an appointment online for your non-immigrant visa interview and any American citizen services. Immigrant visa interviews are scheduled by the National Visa Center.

Q: When should I show up at the U. Embassy for my visa interview appointment? A: Please arrive 15 minutes before your scheduled interview time. Q: After November 5, how many trips to the U. Embassy will I need to make for my visa application? A: With a few exceptions, you will only need to come to the U. Embassy twice: once for the visa interview and once to pick up your completed visa.

Q: What if I have documents that I want the consular officer to see ahead of my interview? A: The only time the consular officers will review any documents is at the time of your interview. Q: What if my case has been refused under Section g of the Immigration and Nationality Act and I need to bring in additional documents?

A: There are three options:. Consular Section U.

US Visa Renewal for Filipinos, Dropbox Only

Q: What if I need to bring in a new visa photo or passport? A: Please see above for the three options. Q: Can I come in and talk to someone in-person about my case? A: We cannot answer individual case questions in-person or by phone.

us visa interview after dropbox

Alternatively, you may send us an email and we will respond as soon as possible. Footer Disclaimer This is the official website of the U. Embassy in Burma. External links to other Internet sites should not be construed as an endorsement of the views or privacy policies contained therein. Home Home Visas Dropbox.If you have an expired within 12 months or expiring US Visa, you may be able to renew it without having to schedule an interview with the US Embassy.

Each applicant has to fill up one form, even if you are applying as a family. The staff will then put your entire envelope in their pouch and send you off with your waybill. I dropped off ours on Wednesday evening so it was dispatched the next day because it was already after their cut-off time.

By Monday, I already received an email and a text message saying that it was already picked up from the US Embassy. If you will not be there to receive the passports, do make sure to leave a proper authorization letter and ID.

The 2GO personnel was very strict in checking for IDs as they have to note it down in their waybills. Your blog if very helpful. I have same question also. What was your answer to that question? Thank you. Thanks for reaching out via FB. I missed your comment here. It was still yes. Good luck on your application! Thanks for sharing this. My visa is expiring this December and I am qualified for the interview waiver. Do I need to have upcoming travel plans to the US to be able to renew my visa?

What if I plan to travel next year, with no definite month and date yet? No DS and no receipt for the visa payment… anyone have the same experience? I just renewed mine. I just sent those three and added a copy of my DS